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EvolAI Bot

Bot Information

GPT-3 Powered

Our extremely fast chat bots are developed primarily in Python and intelligently powered by GPT-3 models, using some HTML, JavaScript, and CSS for its API and web socket platforms.

Evolution Tracking

As the bot sends and receives messages, it records everything it has said in response to date. Every unique word used in its vocabulary is logged and ever expanding.

Discord Based

Integrated with the API, users can interact with the Bot and all of its extra features, including testing the development of the video game by joining the Discord server.

Who We Are

Can we live forever?

We are an Artificial Intelligence company looking to recreate virtual life. We believe we can host a version of ourselves on the internet which can be interacted with using data you upload from text conversations to voice clips. With deep machine learning techniques and voice cloning technology, the more information you can provide means the more accurate this representation will be of you or the person you are looking to speak with again. Welcome, to your Digital Ghost.

Launching the project you will be able to upload information from four sources: Facebook, Google Hangouts, Discord, and LinkedIn.

Welcome to Digital Ghost.


Messages Sent


Unique Words


Unique Evols


Unique Players

Stay Tuned

DigitalGhost Updates

New Project

Thank you to everyone who participated in the EvolAI-Online game and has been with us since our GPT2 chatbots. Today I am announcing the fact I will no longer be developing the game or the EvolAI and EvolAI Bridge chatbots besides dire maintenance and security updates. It has been a great learning experience for me, […]


!horoscope Discord Command

Interested in getting your horoscope reading for the day? We have added a command that let’s you do just that! Type in !horoscope Leo for example to get a day-to-day reading for your desired Zodiac sign! Hop in the Discord server at EVOL-OFFICIAL to give it a try! Invite link is in the buttons on […]