Talk to our GPT-3 powered chat bot, EvolAI. Join the Discord to access its many more features and a look at our latest development, a Discord based game called EvolAI-Online. Please read our Terms of Use before entering.

EvolAI Bot

Bot Information

GPT-3 Powered

Our extremely fast chat bots are developed primarily in Python and intelligently powered by GPT-3 models, using some HTML, JavaScript, and CSS for its API and web socket platforms.

Evolution Tracking

As the bot sends and receives messages, it records everything it has said in response to date. Every unique word used in its vocabulary is logged and ever expanding.

Discord Based

Integrated with the API, users can interact with the Bot and all of its extra features, including testing the development of the video game by joining the Discord server.

Join Evol.AI

Take a look at Evol.AI, our main partner.

Evol.AI hosts a variety of content including the EvolAI-Online video game in their EVOL-OFFICIAL Discord server. If you are interested in music, online radio, music lessions, artificial intelligence, gaming, photography, art, you name it; there's a place for everyone. Please keep the 18+ content to the NSFW channel in the server!

EvolAI-Online Video Game

We also have a game currently in the works where you collect Evols, digital characters you can combat with each other. You can see our full list so far in 💰evol-marketplace channel or the website shop. Players use in game currency to buy and sell Evols at the Discord Market Place, but they are also released randomly into the 🤖evol-main channel and you can type !catch to claim them and add them to your collection.

Be quick though, first person to claim it receives the Evol and another will be released again later on! You can currently battle other users with an active Evol with your summoned Evol. Your winnings depend on the strength of your Evol versus the player’s Evol you are battling. Your Evol has a certain amount of hit points and has a set max amount of damage they can do. However, you can also miss, succeed but deal no damage, but you might get lucky; you can hit a critical and do up to 5 extra damage!

Fight, earn currency, buy and sell Evols, give them to your friends, and climb the đź“śleaderboard ! If you have any questions regarding how to play, contact the @EVOL-TEAM or me personally at or in the server as badramen#4382. Welcome to DigitalGhost and, we hope you enjoy your stay!



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Unique Players

Stay Tuned

DigitalGhost Updates

$5 Rare Evol Coupon

Until December 31st, the first 10 people to use the coupon code a3bq4mjg will receive $5 off any Rare Evol in the store! There is no minimum purchase necessary, limit one per person! IMPORTANT: Please include your Discord name and discriminator in the checkout comments in the format of badramen#4382 so I know who to […]


Bot Chat Example

I figured I would include a little example of the bot chat. It is rather creative and definitely comes up with some interesting responses at times. It can be kind, volatile, pretty dumb, really smart, etc. It assumes new personalities every once in a while to keep things interesting. As you can see, directly speaking […]


Bug Fixes

So far in our trial run we have only encountered two errors which have now been fixed: When trying to use the command !active @EvolBridge, it would throw an error as the integer was wrapped with characters and needed to remove ‘<@’ from the beginning. This has since fixed the issue and you can now […]