Talk to our AI powered chat bot developed for Digital Ghost Alliance via our discord server. Please join us and read the terms of use before using the AI chatbot feature. You can also use DALLE-2 for free in the server, other features include EccoFM, a community-built radio station, and the EvolAI project, an artificial intelligence music project. We are also adding more AI features, come check out our free AI art generator as well.

Who We Are

Digital Ghost Alliance


Our extremely fast chat bots are developed primarily in Python and intelligently powered by GPT-3. We also have an AI art/image generator, which is free to use in our discord server, with extra features as well.


A radio station started from scratch, everyone is welcome to join us and suggest music to be added to the station. It has 24/7 uptime with all sorts of great content. Check out EccoFM today!


EvolAI is centered around artificial intelligence music, another project that can be viewed and partipicated in on our discord server. Feel free to check out their website as well by clicking on the icon!

Stay Tuned

DigitalGhost Updates

DALLE2 Image Variation

We have added a second DALLE-2 command! Using the *var command in our server creates variations of an uploaded image using artificial intelligence. The image must be a .png file, square, and under 4 megabytes in size. You can use all our paid DALLE-2 features for FREE in our discord server! Image Prompt: astral […]