Month: January 2022

!horoscope Discord Command

Interested in getting your horoscope reading for the day? We have added a command that let’s you do just that! Type in !horoscope Leo for example to get a day-to-day reading for your desired Zodiac sign! Hop in the Discord server at EVOL-OFFICIAL to give it a try! Invite link is in the buttons on […]


New Discord Command

Yesterday we added a new command, !horoscope! As you can guess it enables functionality to get your daily horoscope, here’s an example usage: !horoscope Leo Don’t forgot to join the Discord server to see all the extra features! EVOL-OFFICIAL


New Discord Channel

This morning we added a new channel on our Discord Server, EVOL-OFFICIAL. It is under the “YOUR-BRAIN” category entitled “🗨favourite-bot-quotes”. Since we have maxed out pins in the main channel, feel free to post funny, weird, interesting, or whatever messages the bot sends that piques your interest here! If you haven’t tried talking to our […]