Creating your Digital Ghost

Step 1 – Facebook:

If you are looking to access your Facebook information, that information is provided on their website on This file should be saved as messages.htm and might be a larger file.

Step 2 – Google Hangouts: To retrieve your information from Google Hangouts, head to this URL from google,, and export as a zip file.

Step 3 – Discord: In this case you will have to provide us with an authorization token, which a tutorial is here to follow on how to get it. It is encrypted when sent to our server for processing and will only be used to download the information you require, again this information will never be stored or used.

Step 4 – LinkedIn: Head over to to retrieve your data and it will download as a file called inbox.csv

Step 5 – Voice Clip: You will finally have a field to upload either a .wav or .mp3 file of a voice clip for the data learning to take place and have the voice cloning technology activated.

Submit that information, let the data be processed and await your Digital Ghost!

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