Terms of Use

Before making use of our chat bot, please note that it is legally not intended to answer questions including but not limited to medical, legal, personal, relationship, or financial advice. Everything stated by the bot is purely fictional and answers are trained and derived from pre-existing texts saved in gpt-3 models. In no way does this bot feel empathy or real human emotions and answers are strictly based on user input.

EVOL-OFFICIAL Discord Server.

In addition to the bot’s terms of use, please remember this is a public community. Please do not post videos/images/gifs/links of anything illegal, pornographic, violent, promoting intolerance, racism, sexism, or anything else that could be deemed as hurtful, illegal, or inappropriate. We want everyone’s stay to be as great as possible and that means everyone has to do their part as a community!

Here you will find two artificial intelligence bots, EvolAI and EvolAI Bridge. EvolAI can be spoken to by beginning your message with a “.” (period) and EvolAI Bridge cant be spoken to the same way but starting your message with a “+” (plus symbol). For example:

.Hello Evolai!


+Hello EvolAI Bridge!

We hope you enjoy your AI Experience!