EvolAI-Online has had a total reset! After a lot of time in development stages, we have decided to level the playing field and start from scratch as a sort of proper alpha trial. As of now the in-game 💰evol-marketplace is stocked up, the 📜leaderboard is cleared and everyone has been awarded ɛ5000 to start out with! Your !evols will show your Evol collection which is now your Inventory, you can have up to 25 unique Evols at one time.

Along with the reset, we have added a new command:


This command will display the total number of Evols that are in circulation throughout the entire game (Items in the shop are not counted until they are purchased and are removed from circulation when sold). Check out the Evols Shop and don’t forget to pay https://evol.ai/ a visit!

Please report any and all bugs to lucas@digitalghost.org or DM me on Discord at badamen#4382 and let me know!

Thanks for joining us and let the games begin!

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